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A window-seat view of the contemporary society

18/08/2020 at 1:43 PM

By DebastutiDasgupta

Book: Window Seat

Author: MrinalChatterjee

Publisher: Sephali Communications, Sanchar Marg, Dhenkanal 759001, Odisha

Price: Rs 250/-

First Edition: January 2020

Window Seat is compilation of wonderful articles and short reflective pieces on author’s journey in the year 2019. Several events occur every day, some take it from the point of just a passerby, but observant eye and vibrant mind see those events not only in a superficial level, but delve deep into it. In the truest sense, the author has sat in the window seat to look into the wide spectrum of life which has made him shed tears, laugh, get enraged and become defensive at various occasions.

The book in a very coherent language has depicted the events from his point of view. The author has pointed various noteworthy dates of the year and tried to point out the significance behind those dates. Along with the important dates, the author has shared his viewpoints on various contemporary socio political, economic and environmental concerns. Other than that, the author has penned down brilliantly the experiences he gathered while travelling different places in the world.Readers can easily relate this anthology of articles ranging various topics. Using of proper anecdotes and crisp tailpieces added flavor to this book.

Relevant incidents which at a particular point of time had become the hot topic of one’s drawing room have been beautifully woven in this book blended with author’s opinion. The highlight on different aspects has added a benchmark in those incidents. Writing about language of election campaigning, campaign of election in small towns along with the depiction of General Election of India, 2019, or bringing the forces and unknowns who worked silently during cyclone Fani into limelight deserves special mention.Besides significant issues, trivia also figured in this writings. So do several other things like festivals of different regions, science coverage of different media and so on and so forth.

Readers while reading this book have to take an approach of reading a diary in a systematic manner. Readers can easily relate different incidents depicted here with their own interpretation and perception which again reflects in the broad window pane of author’s window. There lies the success of the book. The author’s sharp sense of humour and an easy writing style add to the readability quotient of the book.


DebastutiDasgupta teaches journalism and mass communication in a Kolkata based University.

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