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2024 May Spring A Suprise In Odisha, Taking The Clock Back For Mutual Good

22/05/2021 at 1:18 PM

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By DN Singh 

In a very practical analysis of what is in store for tomorrow in Indian politics is, a friendly contest between the two cordial partners, the Biju Janata Dal and the Bharatiya Janata Party in the days to  come.

Anatomy of politics in all its form reveal how memory transfigures in this format and redeems all that has gone before. That is power.

As it is said that, ‘ everything is fair in love and war’ so, a showdown between the above two in the coming elections, in 2024, should be a natural culmination of the trade.

Congress In Comma

With the sprawling confusion haunting the Congress in Odisha, the battle between the BJD and the BJP is inevitable.

No matter the polls are still two and half years from now, but somewhere, in both the camps, a warming up can be seen and that is sign of a healthy political muscle-flexing which is necessary in democracy.

After the loss in West Bengal, the BJP has all the legitimate reasons to aim at another Eastern state i.e Odisha. No doubt that the BJP has jacked up its presence in the 2019 polls and pushed the Congress to an ignominy of a exasperated political unit that suffers from a terrible dearth of credibility.

Things would not change much in two and half years to come for the Congress.  

But given the chemistry between the BJP and the BJD, the polls in 2024, it would be an interesting battle where two reluctant rivals would pitch for power. 

Odisha May Spring A Novelty 

As regards the BJD’s tenor of campaigning, in all likelihood , perhaps, the BJD president and chief minister Naveen Patnaik would hardly break out his modest canvassing mode, when he requires not much communication with the voters nor he shows any spontaneity in his response at the tirades thrown by the rival parties in general . 

He would rather chose to be within his usual cool and a commodious leader for enemy jibes . 

On the other hand , one should be equally curious to see as, how best the local BJP leaders exhibit their cool and simultaneously attack the ruling party while bearing in mind how their national leader’s set the tune.

It is unlikely that either the Prime Minister or the Home minister Amit Shah would be going down the old track. 

But since it is a fight, no one in politics should be that much generous and hold back criticisms at any rival in the field . 

In 2019 general elections the Prime minister was far from being blunt in his dispositions towards the BJD regime. 

And so was the BJP’ s poll strategist, Amit Shah was hardly heard being unsparing towards the Odisha chief minister . 

It is almost six years hence that the Indian politics has witnessed that had never been allowed by both the parties to a level of ‘tu-tu, me-me'(name calling ) at the national level . 

Geniality May Prevail 

Undisputedly, such geniality has been firewalled from ordinariness by an unspoken bonhomie and mutual good which cements the both . 

 Odisha BJP’s face, union minister Dharmendra Pradhan had in several occasions come out to stand with the chief minister on issues those matter for the good of the state as a whole . So it did got a matching reciprocation from Patnaik.

At the national level both have demonstrated that development of Odisha is more important than indulge in mere brick batting.

Even political observers must wonder about the outlines both would draw to attack each other or that would be simply left to the foot soldiers of both the parties . The latter sounds more possible . 

Another Alliance ! 

Setting aside differing ideological shades, election is after all is an election and to be fought. And battle can be fought without verbal salvos fired at each other. 

No matter on which side of the political spectrum it may tilt in favour . 

Or something more a fabulous surprise is in store when in 2024, both would prefer to take the clock back and settle for yet another alliance ! 

About the Author:

DN Singh is a Bhubaneswar-based senior journalist.


This is the personal opinion of the author. The views expressed in this write up have nothing to do with the www.prameyanews.com

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