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Wellness: Proper management of Mental Health required during Shutdown

8/04/2020 at 12:55 PM

This unprecedented situation caused by COVID 19, calls for much needed attention to psychological health. With news barging from social, electronic, print and digital media regarding illness, death, social distancing and the loss of regular routine brings in a lot of stress. This is very challenging for those who have pre-existing anxiety conditions.

In the present situation psychological preparedness is a major challenge. This has to be part of the preventive system along with other measures which we are undertaking in the present scenario.  The first step is to curtail the news regarding scores of COVID-19; rather it should come from govt sources at a particular scheduled time.

The second step would be to do the day’s planning, scheduling and routine so that we are near to normalcy. This will help to avoid anger, sadness, confusion, helplessness in the testing times. These are normal feelings and nothing wrong if one goes through this but this does not make us weak. Due to sudden deviation of our routine life we are having some sort mental and physical – repercussions.

The third step is to go for relevant engagement in different ways to keep your emotion positive. Physical activities i.e.: gardening, healthy diet, educating and upgrading your existing skills. Connectivity and socialisation can be done through technology, particularly for those who are single and have an unsafe space. These people should have a more trusted group or circle to interact with and keep the social continuation.

Avoid liquor, fling eating and screen time. This will distract and carry you to despair emotions, do learn how to control and manage the situation. Need to face it head on and as human beings we have inherent character to recover fast.

Those who are having any existing mental conditions do not break your treatment rather be in touch with the doctors for medication and therapy. Those having severe depression are the most vulnerable during these times. Mental health professionals should touch base with their patients regularly and family assistance is very important.

Disclaimer: These are the views of the author and not that of Prameyanews.

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