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Sarathi didn’t believe he had any magical power: IPS Bothra

2/12/2019 at 11:51 AM

Bhubaneswar: When the notion of incarnation of gods in form of human beings has remained ambiguous nowadays, IPS Arun Bothra’s revelation of the mind of fake Sarathi Baba alias Santosh Raul has made it somewhat clear that such claims of self-proclaimed godmen are very much untrue.

In his twitter handle, Bothra, who had arrested Sarathi on charges of cheating people from his Kendrapara Ashram in 2016, mentioned that Sarathi himself didn’t believe that he was an incarnation of god. “At the time of arrest when I asked (Sarathi) if he had any magical power, he told me that he has no such power. He said people took him as an incarnation of god to which he couldn’t say no but, instead, went on taking advantage of their belief and led a godman’s life,” said Bothra.

On milk coming out of udder of a cement-made cow, the Sarathi told Bothra that some of his disciples first informed him that milk was being released automatically from the artificial cow. He was astonished to hear that from the disciples, Sarathi told Bothra.

When asked whether third-degree was applied to Sarathi, Bothra said no and suggested that Sarathi may be asked for confirmation.

When asked how he is revealing all these when Sarathi case is subjudice, Bothra mentioned, “Don’t worry. These are not parts of charge-sheet.”

Notably, Sarathi is out on bail now.                             

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