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Protests Don’t Mean Assassination Of Values & Decorum

7/04/2021 at 2:47 PM

By DN Singh 

Language corrupts politics and bad actions do more harm. The actions of political leaders, nowadays, in the public domain, shows a measure to what extent the politics of the day can lower itself to.
Some reports said that in the Odisha assembly some members of the opposition unleashed their anger on a certain topic in a manner that was not expected. 
Maybe for the first time in the history of Odisha assembly, ‘chappal’ and few other articles were hurled at the podium of the speaker! 

Negative Underpinning of Democratic Norms 

Reasons might be whatever,  but the acts do not underpin the support system of a decent political structure nor can such actions from people’s representatives was ever expected.
The cause of action is not that we can dispense with but the actions are always under a limitation of what freedom mandates. 

Those MLAs who allegedly hurled the articles, including ‘chappal’ at the speaker’s podium, had reportedly told  that, the speaker refused their right to debate on a certain issue . 

So the members thought that what they did was right, hence they won’t repent for that. Nor there was any moral compulsion to apologise. 
They may argue that it was within their right to dissent. But hurling such articles did appear collusively amateurish and one can feel that by such an inappropriate method of dissent, the members can lull the people of their areas to believe that,  how much they care for them!

It’s An Abberation Not Good Practice 

In recent times there had been similar such incidents like climbing up the podium or uprooting mikes etc which, has, in the course, been accepted as customary in democracy. 
Individual defiance or by a group, the protest should not be done by adolescent fantasy such as the one that took place in Odisha assembly. 
How on earth can the MLAs expect their voters to condone such actions without a sense of trepidation! 

Behavioural Assassination

Two things matter the most in a civilised political structure. Freedom of speech is of course an essential vessel and obviously with linguistic purity.
But, if freedom through gestures is made with the uncomfortable association of things like hurling verbal aspersions or hurling of articles such as ‘ chappals’, is highly objectionable. it is an ill-conceived disposition and a blend of the assassination of language and democratic norms. 

The recent and ongoing campaigns in poll-bound states have revealed the darker side of linguistic exercise . Leaders are surely suffering with a presumptive notion that more derisive the terms used against the rival, is more vote productive and if they are done with theatric tenors, it entertains the people.  

But it can summarily appeal to people but let’s not assume that the people do have the faculty of reason which might be dangerous for the political people. 

About the Author:

DN Singh is a Bhubaneswar-based senior journalist.


This is the personal opinion of the author. The views expressed in this write up have nothing to do with the www.prameyanews.com

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