Parents pledge to donate multiple organs of 8-year brain dead son

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | March 03, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, March 3: Subhajit, an 8-year boy who has been declared brain-dead, is going to be a saviour of at least 5 valuable lives. 

As many as 5 of his healthy and tender organs are going to be transplanted with other needy ones.

The parents of Subhajit have pledged to donate his boy’s heart, kidney, liver and eyes, to bring new lease of lives for others.

Sources said, one Subhajit Sahu reportedly suffered a seizure attack while appearing for an examination at his school on Wednesday.  The school authorities rushed him to Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar for resuscitation. Later, with no remarkable progress in his health conditions he was shifted to a Private hospital wherein he was admitted in an ICU. Thereafter, the standstill boy was kept alive with life-support system. Despite the frantic effort of a team of senior doctors led by neurology-experts for 72 hours there was a slight improvement in his health condition. However, during level-best care & treatment, the boy’s brain stopped functioning all of sudden. Following this, the team of doctors declared him brain-dead.

Though the bereaved parents lost their tender son, still they endured the unprecedented stroke with moist eyes and decided to donate the retrieved organs of their lad. Accordingly they expressed their wills before the treating doctors to retrieve the healthy organs of Subhrajit soon, to implant lives with other patients.  

While interacting with media persons on Sunday, the mother said, “We have lost everything with the collapse of our boy which can never be replenished at all. We are keen to rejuvenate some others’ lives with the precious organs of our son, retrieved soon from his body.”

“The venture will at least enable us see our son in somebody else and bring smile for another mother like me”, she added.

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