Man pays 8 months' arrears of maintenance to wife and daughter within hours of Orissa HC rebuke

Last Updated September 02, 2023

Cuttack, Sept 2: A man paid eight months' arrears of maintenance to his wife and minor daughter following the Orissa High Court order on Friday before further hearing after two hours.

The Court of Family Judge-II, Cuttack had ordered the opposite party (husband) to pay an interim maintenance of Rs 4,000 and Rs 3,000 respectively to the first and second petitioners on January 5 this year and directed that the said amounts be paid them from the date of order till disposal of the case.

The petitioners approached the High Court as the opposite party did not pay maintenance to the mother-daughter duo.

During first hearing the High Court queried as to whether any maintenance amount has been paid to the petitioners at all. The opposite party's counsel responded in negative following which the court on August 8 ordered the Inspector-in-Charge (IIC) of Mohana Police Station to produce the opposite party before it.

The IIC in the report informed the court that a police team had visited the house of the opposite party; however, he was not found there and is currently living in Mumbai.

During the first hour of hearing on Friday, the Court asked the counsel for the opposite party as to why his client has not paid even a single penny to his wife and daughter after eight months of the order of the lower court to pay interim maintenance. The counsel assured the Court that the said amount will be paid soon.

However, the Court warned to take the opposite party into custody if he does not pay the arrear amount immediately.

The matter was then passed over and was taken after around two hours. The Single Bench of Justice Sangam Kumar Sahoo during second hearing was informed by the opposite party's counsel that his client has paid the arrear amount to the tune of Rs 56,000 to the petitioners.

The first petitioner also confirmed the Court that her bank account has been credited with the sum.

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