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Jhulana Yatra 2022 of Lord Jagannath begins in Puri

8/08/2022 at 3:35 PM

Tuhina Sahoo

Puri, Aug 8: The auspicious Jhulana Yatra 2022 has commenced at Srimandir in Puri with the ‘Badi Nrusingha Bije’ ritual. The Yatra has started from Sunday.

Each day after the Madhyana Dhupa, a beautifully decorated swing with silver and golden embellishments is put on the Mukti Mandap, also called the Jhulan Mandap.

It is observed in the month of Shravan for seven days from the Shukla Dashami to Pratipada. Today, the ‘Bije Pratima’ of Jagannatha (Madana Mohana) along with Bhudevi and Shree Devi are placed in a beautifully decorated wooden swing at ‘Jhulana Mandap’. Several special rituals are performed on the occasion.

Jhulan Yatra is one of the 32 ‘upajatras’ of Lord Jagannath celebrated not only in the Srimandir but throughout other temples in the holy town and other parts of the state.

Ram Narayan Puja Panda Samanta, a servitor at Srimandir, said, “The festival continues for seven days from the Shrabana Shukla Dashami to Pratipada. Many rituals of the temple are performed here like Rosa Homa, Dwara Puja, Surya Puja, Gopala Ballava, Sakala Dhupa, Bhoga Mandap, Madhyana Dhupa, Dwitiya Bhoga Mandap services as per tradition. During this period, Sridevi and Bhudevi get seated upon the Cot present on the Dakhinighar premises and then Madana Mohana is brought upon from Dakhinighar and gets seated upon the cot, then the three deities get dressed up by Mahajana Servitors. After the Besha gets over, Pujapanda servitors offer prasad. Then bhoga is offered to the other deities present inside Dakhinighar. Then the three deities visit Ratnasinghasan and Sandhya Dhupa is offered there. After the completion of the Sandhya Dhupa rituals, we offer the Sitala bhoga to the deities through Panchopachara.”

Manoranjan Sahoo, a devotee, said, “Though we are the inhabitants of Puri and residing nearer to the temple, we are unable to offer prayers and celebrate this festival in temple due to Covid-19. The festival was held without devotees in 2020 and 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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