Jajpur's century-old Maa Kali Temple narrates tales of Ramayana and Raavan

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | January 18, 2024 IST

Jajpur, Jan 18: Nestled in the heart of Jajpur, the century-old Maa Kali Temple stands as a silent witness to the ebb and flow of time, echoing the tales of Ramayana and the enigmatic Raavan. A mystical ambiance surrounds the ancient structure, with locals attributing it to an unexplored tunnel adjacent to the temple—a passageway that adds an extra layer of mystery to the sacred site.

 Legend has it that Mahi Raavan, the brother of the infamous Lanka king Raavan, utilizes this concealed tunnel to traverse the realms and reach the temple, where he devoutly offers prayers to Maa Kali. The locals, steadfast in their beliefs, claim to hear the distinct footsteps of Mahi Raavan echoing through the temple, a daily ritual before he returns to the depths of Paatal, the underworld. The temple itself is a shrine to Lord Mahadev and the 18-armed manifestation of Maa Kali, known as 18 Bhuja.

 A local resident affirmed, "This is a popular belief here that Raavan’s brother Mahi Raavan comes here every day to offer prayer to Maa Kali. After offering prayers, he goes back to Paatal. You can hear unusual sounds when you go to the Temple. These are all age-old beliefs and proof of Ramayana."

 Despite the temple's historical significance and the mystique surrounding it, the lack of government support has left both the ancient structure and the forgotten tunnel at the mercy of the elements. The temple, once a symbol of cultural richness and historical resonance, now stands on the brink of deterioration, with no substantial efforts to restore its former glory.

 Thanks to the relentless efforts of the local community, the temple continues to stand tall, a testament to their dedication and reverence for the sacred site. However, urgent government intervention is crucial to prevent the temple from fading into oblivion, becoming a relic of the past.

 Within the hallowed walls of the temple, Maa Kali is venerated in her 18-armed form, accompanied by the worship of Lord Tricholaneswar Mahadev. The temple, a living embodiment of ancient sculpting techniques and Odisha's rich traditions, bears witness to the passage of time. Yet, the adjacent tunnel, left abandoned and unused, languishes in neglect, contributing to its slow descent into obscurity.

 Janardhan Dixit, the temple's priest, revealed, "Raavan’s brother uses this tunnel to reach the temple to worship Dakshina Kali or Asthadasha Bhuja Kali." The narrative weaves together the worship of Lord Mahadev by Raavan and his family, connecting both deities in the sacred confines of the Jajpur temple with the tapestry of the Ramayana. As the temple and its surrounding mysteries endure the test of time, the call for immediate government attention becomes a pressing plea to safeguard this invaluable piece of history from becoming a mere echo in the corridors of time.

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