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How to reduce carbohydrate intake on a vegetarian diet

24/08/2021 at 7:14 AM

Carbohydrates are essential for the proper functioning of the human body. However, excessive carbohydrates can lead to problems such as weight gain. Carbohydrate reduction is not easy, especially on the Indian vegetarian diet. Our regular diet contains either rice or bread, both of which are high in carbohydrates. But you can still find a way to work around it. Here are some ways to reduce your carb intake.

Protein and fat: Replace carbohydrates with a diet high in protein and fat

The Indian diet is such that if you suddenly cut down on your carb intake, you might want this. The best way to prevent these cravings is to replace high-carbohydrate foods in your diet with foods high in protein and fat. They will keep you full longer. These foods include nuts, seeds, and vegetables such as tomatoes, cauliflower, beans, fruits, and avocados.

Sugary drinks: Avoid artificially sweetened drinks, including fruit juices

Sugar is the main source of carbohydrates. Therefore, beverages, including fruit juices sweetened with sugar, can increase carbohydrate intake. Excess sugar also causes diabetes and other health problems. So be careful to avoid these drinks to reduce your sugar intake. Replace sugar with natural and healthy sweeteners like honey for added nutrition.

Dairy products: choose low-carb dairy products such as almond milk, coconut milk

Milk can meet your calcium needs, but it is also high in carbohydrates because it contains a type of sugar called lactose. You can replace regular milk with low-carb options like almond or coconut milk. Greek yogurt and cheese are low-carb dairy products that will meet your nutritional needs without adding extra calories. Other sweetened dairy products should also be avoided.

Low-carb foods: be careful what to eat

Sleeping between meals is our way of limiting hunger. But these snacks are often loaded with carbohydrates and add unnecessary calories. Chips, crackers, and baked goods are some of the foods that can be easily replaced with nuts like almonds, walnuts, and peanuts. You can also substitute flour for baked goods with alternatives such as almond or coconut flour.

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