Had to fight with Nitish to get resignation approved': Lalan Singh on quitting as JD-U President

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | December 31, 2023 IST

Patna, Dec 31 : JD-U's former national President Lalan Singh on Sunday sought to reveal the real story behind his resignation, saying that he had argued with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who was not accepting his decision to quit.

"CM Nitish Kumar did not agree with my decision. I request him to accept my resignation as I have to work in my constituency. Due to the workload of the JD-U national President, I am unable to give time in my constituency. If I would not stay continuously, my election campaign would be affected. Then he agreed and accepted my resignation," Singh said while addressing a gathering in his home constituency Munger.

"He asked me to sign the nomination form for the post of national President of the party. I was not ready for it. Then Nitish Ji told me that if you would not sign on the nomination form, I would not sign on any document you bring to me.

"In 2022 too, I requested him to let me resign from the post of national President as I am unable to give time to my home constituency. Then he said that if I resigned from the post of national President, he would break his head by smashing it on the wall,” Singh added. (IANS) 

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