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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | June 19, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, June 19: Krushna Chandra Mahapatra, newly appointed Minister for Housing and Urban Development (H&UD) & Public Enterprise made a visit to the H&UD department at Kharabela Bhawan today. While going round the department he interacted on key issues and initiatives with the officers and staff.

Upon his arrival at Kharabela Bhawan, Mahapatra was warmly received by the Additional Chief Secretary of H&UD along with other senior officers.

 The Minister's engagement with the department's personnel underscores a hands-on approach to addressing urban development challenges and improving administrative efficiency.

After the discussions at Kharabela Bhawan, Mahapatra visited the State Urban Development Agency. This visit further signifies his commitment to understanding and enhancing the operational dynamics of urban development agencies at the state level. It provided an opportunity to evaluate the agency’s current projects, strategies, and any issues that need addressing to ensure the effectiveness of urban development initiatives.

Speaking to media Mahapatra told that the city's drainage problems, drinking water, transportation, etc. across all the ULBs in the State are the first priority to meet the expectations of the people. It is our responsibility to do the people's work by maintaining good relations with everyone. This morning he visited the site of the drain tragedy. We will work to take the city development forward. The Urban Development Department has many important roles to play in building a developed Odisha, Mahapatra added.

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