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From M. Tech To Milk Revolution! Two Techies Of Malkangiri Play The Kuerians

8/01/2021 at 11:36 AM

By D N Singh

It may be no story about any brilliant discovery but, surely a brilliant offbeat story about a young man and his brother those who made a real paradigm shift from tech to farming.

In the middle of the rat-race for careers in MNCs, princely packages and social security , Sachin Sahu, a young man of Malkangiri, with a M Tech degree in his kitty, one day chose to en-risk a profession no one could think of.

That is milk farming, and what a shift, that can be viewed as a diametrically opposite to a goal a man of his ability could think of. He hung the academic gloves and decided to start milk farming with multiple goals in mind.

He could realize the immense potential of milk as a product, and of course the plight of the local milk producers in the district who suffer the handicap of an imbalance at the demand and supply front.  

It was a tight rope walk for Sachin and he went ahead with his mission for the white revolution and procured 20 highly milk-yielding  breeds of cows like Holestein, Jersey, Sahiwal and Gir and undertook the challenge.

Within months the dividends came into play and his care, as an entrepreneur on the way to the white revolution played out. Sachin gave the kick-start, joining  the dots with a zeal, for which he played the roles from manual to marketing. His cows yielded 300 litres of milk in a day, thus doubling his hopes.

His younger brother Rabin, who was back home post the pandemic noticed the positive indications emanating from the structure housing the animals and joined his brother in this unque pursuit.

Believe it or not Rabin too is a M Tech who realized the prospects of the mission his brother had undertaken and the duo played the bag-piper role and were soon joined by the local milk farmers to invest their produce in the’ SR Dairy’(SRD) run by the Sahu brothers.

They employed several villagers who were on the look out of jobs after the pandemic outbreak. Doing well is always the best entrepreneurship and the duo today make net a revenue of Rs.3 to 4 lakh per months and a hassle-free participation of the local farmers those who now work at the Dairy.

SRD has a plan to expand its outreach into other districts with their products of milk, cheese and curd. “May be it was a calculated risk but we thought there was an area where the need of such a start was required” said Sachin stoically.

About the Author:

DN Singh is a Bhubaneswar-based senior journalist.


This is the personal opinion of the author. The views expressed in this write up have nothing to do with the www.prameyanews.com

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