BJD-BJP spat over development in Dhamnagar

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | December 31, 2023 IST

Bhubaneswar, Dec 30: The ruling BJD and opposition BJP have entered into a war of words over the development of the Dhamnagar assembly constituency of Bhadrak district.

Dhamnagar BJP MLA Suryabanshi Suraj alleged that BJD has deceived the people of Dhamnagar.

Suryabanshi said, “In the time of by-election, the CM had given assurance to the people of Dhamnagar for the development of the constituency. But neither the Chief Minister nor any Minister came to Dhamnagar during the flood. People stayed in the water for 7 days and 5000 people lived on the roof.” 

He lambasted the state government and raised several issues. 

He said that after the by-election, he and his team met the voters from house to house. The people of Dhamnagar have stayed with him. BJD never heard the grief of the people of Dhamnagar. 

 Responding to Suryabanshi's allegations, BJD district observer Sanjay Das Burma said, " Suryabansi promised the people of Dhamnagar and got the blessings of the people. But after winning the election, BJP leaders have forgotten everything. What has he done after being elected? The people are counting them." 







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