Bhadrak man halts son’s second marriage, drags him to police station

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | May 08, 2024 IST

Bhadrak, May 8: Bishnumohan Jena, a resident of Edtal village in Bhadrak district, garnered widespread admiration for dragging his son from the courtroom to the police station while the latter was set to conduct a second marriage despite being already married for a decade.

According to the information, Ajay Jena, son of Bishnumohan was earlier married to Tulasi Jena 10 years ago and they have an eight year old son. However, Ajay fell in love with another woman of Chandimal village and both decided to tie the nuptial knot in Court.

While Bishnumohan came to know about the misconduct of his son, rather than concealing the matter, Bishnumohan chose to uphold justice. He rushed to the Court and dragged his son from the courtroom to the police station. Remarkably, the woman Ajay intended to marry also accompanied them to the police station.

Ajay was taken into custody for questioning.

“While I had been to the nearest health centre with my daughter-in-law and grandson, I was shocked to discover that my son was in court seeking a second marriage with another woman. I immediately intervened, rushing to the scene and halting the proceedings. I then took him to the police station, determined to seek justice for my daughter-in-law and grandson”, said Bishnumohan.

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