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Baliarsingh’s short story ‘Mane Achhita’ touches dynamic minds with romantic episodes and realistic flavors  

6/05/2022 at 9:15 AM

Bhubaneswar, May 6:  Samarendra Baliarsingh’s short story collectiom ‘Mane Achhita’ touches dynamic minds with its romantic episodes and realistic flavors.

A sweet memory is indelible. An event or incident if catches one’s eyes, touches one’s heart, it remains as a fresh flower, filled with sweet aroma, as it blossoms just now. It’s why, most of the individuals search for their sweet-hearts, to recollect the gone away memories everywhere in the tremendous nature, spending sleepless nights through their silence and agony. However, a few among us take shelter of wiles and pretentions as if no incidents worth memorable has taken place in their lives, as they have forgotten every page of their joyous past and the most hilarious experiences, fearing shame and social defamation with the present identity. ‘Mane Achhita’, a collection of small stories by ace story teller, Samarendra Baliarsingh, who is an all in one, a poet, fiction writer and a featuring journalist, is a reflection of his thought process and imagination with various characters.

Recollecting some realistic incidents in a virtual manner i.e with some superficial characters, on the silvery pages of ‘Mane Achhita’, the orator has made a frantic effort to adjudicate the love suppressed duo to social apprehensions, romance, passion and tearing sufferings, what awaked from fast asleep, dreamt day and night, both in reams of consciousness and utter fantasy.

‘Mane Achhita’, comprises as many as 32 small stories which elaborate the glamorous wills, understand adolescent leaps of the youth community to cater to someone’s passion, love, urges and fulfil the thirst of one’s eyes, without speaking words, but by its twinkles-the symbolic indication of the brows and lashes with reddish trembling lips.

The first green bud of the story teller, the  ‘Bhabagarbha’ which literally means to indulge in thoughts which is more meaningful for you, is a fresh monument of love and affection,  even after one’s beloved one is a flower of a different garden, is other’s legitimate properties. The story sheds light on true, transcendental love farther away from physical relations by the virtue of mental and spiritual coalition of two endearing hearts. It also painted an impossible thing as commonly possible, that is a new homogeneous creation is consistent despite a visible bondage between two heterogeneous ones, but with an internal and intimate spiritual conjugation.

‘Samparkara Duiti Dhara’, that literally means two different edges of relationship is another heart touching creation of Baliarsingh which takes the sun and the moon as two characters which are thousands of light years away from each other but peep each other to come on a line to feel the essence of co linearity and experience a divine touch on the green lives of the earth. The Sun, the prime source of energy and life, fills you with waves of potence and young-ness. On the other hand, a mind like a lone lotus longingly waits for the moon for her frosty touch, even in the utter darkness even during the new moon days.

The third story, the ‘Raincoat’ is a symbolic manifestation of unforeseen attraction for love, romance between the monsoon rain and earthly strain, the cloud, and the drier earth in order to make the soil at least wet and dewy, herbs and shrubs greener to go for a new blossom.

Story ‘Morning Walk’ illustrates the strenuous life-walk of a roadside tea-staller for his uncompromised fascination towards an ultramodern partner, who never knows the mere meaning of love and affection; rather she is passionately keen for the world of materials and physical belongings.

Presentation of Jhala (Sweat), being a watery waste of human body is a symbol of one’s figure and vigour. However, the sweat for Baliarsingh is an aromatic means to abridge two minds, two hearts-different in every respect.

Story Barsha, ‘the Rain’, in general smells sweet while drips on earth even in the summer. However, the body aroma of Barsha, the newcomer madam to the authors office makes the author mad to smell the sweetness of her heart. Rainwater after a longish downpour is beautiful. Madam Barsha looks more beautiful when she paces into the office with her mild foothills with half-wet bikini and tingling apparels, being an attraction for the whole office. Baliarsingh illustrates his views on Barsha as a pivotal individual of his office, whose moment’s absence stirs his mind and let him wait eagerly.

Closeness if intensifies, two loving minds approach towards a unique soul. If someone’s love breaks up, the relationship blurs and proves fragile, more like a broken magic glass. Broken relation punches duo’s heart like a stinging pin till it’s not shared to someone dearer. The story ‘Safety pin’ bears the sorrow and sufferings of two be-parted hearts.

The intimacy between a flower and its gardener is certainly divine. The gardener is not only the custodian of the garden but also, he contributes a lot for it as a patron. When a gardener makes a garland, it is mostly offered to Gods, Goddess and for nuptial ceremonies.  While, a rose is the epitome of hearty-love. However, when a flower, its bunch reaches the florist, he manipulates its beauty, nurtures its fragrance and even the sweet message of love and affection, rupturing the intense dam of true love. ‘Au Bhala Laguni Phula’, bears such an idea of the writer while his mind-tree grows spontaneously with the dented ridges of the untrodden valleys. The story ventilates one of the dark dreams of sweet-hearted flower.

Globous moon lit night is considered as a sweet moment for merriments and romance. Moon for a creeping baby in its mother’s laps means a toy of joy, for an adolescent guy, a moment for fun and loiter. Similarly moon, for a deep-hearted poet, a tremendous ocean of thoughts and boundless emotion. The cool moon and its clinging breeze for a pair of lovebirds who make up their minds to flock together at the same nest in the coarse branches under a tree, is a bed of flowers, decorated ahead of the awaited honeymoon. Let the cool moon to witness your early childhood, boyhood and adolescence till your old age, so describes the story the ‘Janha’.

Life is a long up-hill and down-tough journey. Miniature accidents during the venture are a part of incidents to it. However, an accident that cuts physical injuries followed by acute pain is a matter to go. It heals up in a few hours, to come. However, a hurt mind, a scar mark in heart is never to go forever. Especially, a mere accident in love, conjugal life wreaks ones emotional sphere and rocks the whole way of the life. It causes a life-long pain to the distressed one. It never lets a soul to sleep despite tranquility of peaceful nights, nor lets the parted heart to smile even with the abundance of waving buds and flowers in a spring-sprinkled garden. Rather, it burns a couple of hearts, two dying lives till oblivion, arousing hot memories on the cold nights, even in the awesome moments for an enjoying partners. Theme alike something true, out speaks the story, ‘Cross Connection’, which is a new-day-today accident at the advent of Face book, Twitter along with a scores of social interfaces.

Meeting and parting is a go of life. In the world of social media and in the era of globalization, everything is measured through its potential, so the relation now a days. In the Vedic era, good relationship bridging two nearer minds, peered hearts, was sustaining a long life, whatever the situation may be. There was no matter, so mightier, so powerful to separate two lovable hearts, once they opted each other from their strong wills. However, the true love, affection even the relationship after a marriage is now becoming more fragile due to the intervention of the materialistic world. Most of the couple is dissatisfied with their partners regarding their married lives that lead to breakups, social separations, and bilateral divorce. Especially, impotence is one of the significant reasons behind physical and social partitions, illustrates Baliarsingh’s sociological story the ‘Aparaga’.

The 12th episode of the fiction, the ‘Papa Punya’ i.e the Sin against its brighter side, the enlightment, Baliarsingh has sketched the holistic relation between two pairing hearts, two minds and two physiques to achieve prime holiness, whatever the caste, religion and the creed may be.

Experience of winter is a seasonal feeling for plants and animals. But, the winter for two partners is a warm sonnet to enjoy the magic of nature with an intense to embrace and become more intimate for enjoying the gift of nature, says the story’ Tuma Aade Sita Kemiti’.

A small green leaf looks something alike, as a beautiful parrot which flip flops from a twig to another after it tweets for a while sitting and waiting for a hilarious mate. The virtual image of the green bird remains too long in one’s eyes, treasured in one’s mind as the scene mesmerizes and appeases his heart. The story ‘Smruti-Swapna O Saloni’ brings such an unforgettable feeling for the readers.

Face book now brings new friends nearer who are more strangers and less known. It brings opportunity to meet new mates and new birds over nights to fly for a farther forest and even to one’s backyard garden, protected with green fences or barbed hedges. The innovative social tools provide somebody bunches of fresh dreams which come round one after the other like real incidents more familiar to him. However, all the dreams are proved nightmares as many characters of the dreams address to their loneliness, their short-lived thirsty passions, which are in reality miles and mile away from love, compassion and mere feelings. Rather they are the reflection of wiles, pretensions and long-suppressed and concealed hatreds. The story ‘Bhul Kahara’ terms the ‘Face-book’ as a medium for making fair-weather friends at the onset of spring in order to bridge the utter darkness-night- with silvery dreams.

Two enthusiast hearts are now in search of a gloom island, too lonely but the disturbances of the wild tides nor the interference of the all-wasters in the mid-wave, in order to enjoy the silence of solidarity amidst ambience of the nature with someone very essential for mind, more peer to heart, redefines the short story ‘ Nijjana Deepa’.

Rain lightning and thunder is not at all something for an elderly man what he did feel in his earlier stages, one who was longingly waiting for a happy sojourn to the prime destination. ‘Barsha’, the rain according to Baliarsingh is a symbol of new-life, new-birth and a spark of new generation to transform a bud to a full petal flower and the transit of its uphill journey till it falls on the ground after playing the role, destined by the almighty.

Among other realistic reflections of the human society, sweet and bitter outcomes during the walk of life with jugglery of more familiar words, the floral fiction- ‘Mane Acchita’ comprises as many as other 14 heart-touching stories, filled with love, romance, glamour and natural flavor and having thematic expressions with a social approach.

The body of ‘Mane Achhita’ has been beautifully designed by Viswatma Publication which came up for the first time on the Gandhi Jayanti-2019. It’s cover design and other technical beatification was crafted by Jogendra Rout. It was again machinated for the second edition at Bhagawati Printers, Bhubaneswar, for wider subscription of young readers.

According to Sunil Bose, a story-teller and a veteran journalist, Fiction-‘Mane Achhita’ touches hearts of readers from every sphere, for the realistic approach of Baliarsingh, who relates live-episodes of the real life with the sole characters represented in his stories.

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