Athmallik politics: rift in ruling BJD, MLA not invited to party program

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | December 02, 2023 IST

Bhubaneswar, Dec 2: In Athmallik constituency of Angul district, the ruling BJD seems to be split into two groups. One group is led by BJD MLA Ramesh Chandra Sai and the  other by his political advisor Nalinikant Pradhan. This rift was clearly visible in the party training camp organized at Boinda on Tuesday.  

In the camp, Pradhan, BJD executive member and party candidate of Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituency in the last general election, Kuna Bihari Das, party district co-observer, Chinmya Kumar Sahu, the observer of Athamallik constituency, were present.

In the two day long training program, most of the party leaders from both Athmallik, Kishor nagar block had participted. But the local MLA Sai was not present in this event.

Reacting on it, MLA Sai said " I was not aware of the training camp organised by the party". 

It is alleged that MLA Sai and his supporters were not invited to the training camp. Efforts are being made to sideline the MLA and his supportes. 

 If this rift between the leaders is not closed before the elections, it will be a problem for the ruling BJD in coming days in this constituency, say the local political observers. 


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