Youths in Keonjhar village build over 1000 nests for birds

5/08/2020 at 8:45 PM

Patna, Aug 5:  Many birds are now extinct. Many species of birds are being lost to deforestation, noise, and air pollutions.

To this end, the youths in Jadichatar village under Patna block of Keonjhar district have built ovr 1,000 artificial nests.

Initially, the work was initiated by the non-governmental organization Pecuc.

In 2017, a special program was launched to breed endangered birds.  Inspired by this, the young people have set up over 1,000 nests in 25 villages in the locality.

“Some birds are becoming extinct due to pollution and deforestations.  We decided to build nests for them,” said a youth.   

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