Villager’s body not cremated for over 18 hrs for land dispute

1/11/2019 at 11:41 AM

Bhubaneswar: An inhumane incident has come to the fore in Kendrapara district where the body of a villager has not been cremated for over 18 hours due to lack of cooperation from co-villagers.

According to reports, the ghastly incident has occurred in Kental Lenka Sahi. While Kanduri Charan Nayak died on Thursday afternoon, his brother and other villagers are not cooperating with his family members to cremate the body in the village graveyard. The reason behind the non-cooperation is state to be land dispute.

Though the bereaved family members tried to take the body to Puri for cremation at the Swarga Dwar, yet the Sarpanch denied giving death certificate to the family. The Sarpanch asked the family to resolve the  land dispute with neighbours first and them come for certificate.

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