Videos on Lodha tribe in virtual tour to State Tribal Museum

24/10/2020 at 3:59 PM

Bhubaneswar, Oct 24:  The videos on Lodha tribes of State will be featured during the virtual tour of the State Tribal Museum on Sunday. The videos organized by ST&SC Development Department during COVID-19 will be available in virtual mode by opening pages in facebook and twitter @scstrti, @stscdev.

Lodha is one of the primitive tribe of Odisha. In general their settlements are nearby to the forests having adequate supply of water throughout the year. All the Lodhas irrespective of their socio-economic status go to the forests to collect various forest products and edibles.

The name Lodha is derived from the word Lubdhaka meaning trapper. In Odisha this community is settled mainly in the Morada and Suliapada Blocks of Mayurbhanj district. Sabai rope making, bamboo craft are their occupation. Sabai, also known as golden grass grows in most parts of Mayurbhanj district. Using a few simple implements, the Lodha traditionally engage in rope making out of Sabai grass, using what they made for the household and setting the surplus in the local market for an additional income. In recent years the Lodha have started crafting utilitarian bamboo articles and a variety of market worthy goods.

Working with simple tools, they produce products like wall-hanging, pen stands, decorative artificial flowers and small toys like bullock carts, cars and helicopters for sale. The Dehuri is the priest of the village who presides over all the rituals. The Lodhas believe in Bhagaban and the mother earth ‘Basumati’. Sitala worshiped more than once a year is considered to be the Chief Deity. Chand is also considered a powerful deity. The Lodhas also believe in malevolent ‘spirit’.

A large number of festivals are observed by the Lodhas. Some festivals are held on fixed dates while others are observed according to the socio-economic convenience. Most of the festivals are observed during October and November just before the collection of Tusser cocoons.  

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