‘Use of high corex, codeine content cough syrup rampant in W Odisha’

4/01/2020 at 11:53 AM

Bhubaneswar: Use of cough syrup containing corex and codeine as an alternative of liquor is rampant in western Odisha.

This was marked during a sting operation conducted by the premier regional news channel News7 recently. People of various groups, including youths and workers, in Bolangir, Nuapada and Bargarh are consuming the cough syrup named “Eskuf” to get relief from stress, reported the channel.

It also reported that “Eskuf” bottles are being sold rampantly in rural and urban areas of the three districts. As it is prescribed as a cough syrup, there is no restriction in its sale. However, The Government has not made any study in misuse of the syrup which contains high addictive substances like corex and codeine. Codeine works like opium in the body.

As per doctors’ advice, cough syrup is taken 5 ml or 10 ml twice or thrice per day for five or seven days, but people are taking 10 times more than the usual doses. Consumption of Excess doses of corex and codein impacts brain, heart, liver, bone marrows, kidney and skin severely, said doctors interviewed by the news channel. 

The demand of the “Eskuf” is so high that a small bottle is being sold at about Rs 350 against its actual price of Rs 80. Traders are also making a good amount profits.

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