Upset over death of demons, Kansa seeks help of neighbouring kings; invites Krishna and Balram to Dhanu Yatra to kill them

6/01/2020 at 1:53 PM

Bargarh, Jan 6: Upset over the death of demons sent by him to kill Srikrishna, demon king Kansa sought the help of the kings of neinghbouring kingdoms to kill the naughty lad. On the other hand, he will invite Krishna and his elder brother Balram to the Dhanu Yatra being organized by him.

These are scenes of Dhanu Yatra which is being staged at Bargarh on the world’s largest open air stage.

On the sixth day of Dhanu Yatra yesterday, scenes of child hood days of Krishna, theft of dresses of Radha and other Gopi lasses by Krishna and his consuming curd from the hands of mother Yashoda turned the residents of Gopapur devotional.

The news about the divine power of Krishna-Balram is spreading gradually across the Gopapur. The mischief of Krishna is increasing day by day. The naughty boy steals the dresses of Radha and other Gopi lasses which they had kept on the bank of Yamuna while they were taking bath in the river. On the repeated request of the embarrassed Gopi lasses, Krishna returns their dresses. The residents of Gopapur found themselves in Dwapar era for all these hours.

On the other hand, upset over the killing of the demons sent by him to kill Krishna, demon king Kansa invited the kings of all the neighbouring kingdoms and princely states to his royal court to consult how to kill the naughty lad. On being invited, kings of Magadha, Kalinga, Cheda, Sonitapur, Karindra, Kabua, Kourusa etc attended Kansa’s special durbar along with their soldiers and assured to kill Krishna.

Emperor Kansa also called all his employees to the royal court and directed them to resolve the grievances and problems of the kingdom. He asked to consult Bargarh district collector, SP, civil supplies officer, excise superintendent, agriculture officer and divisional forest officers. Thousands of audience had congregated to enjoy the scenes of Ranga Sabha (royal court) of Kansa on the sixth day.

On the seventh day today,  Kansa will send messenger to invite Krishna-Balram to see the Dhanu Yatra being organized by him in a conspiracy to kill the two brothers. Besides, the scenes of Krishna in the of boat man and the boat-ride by Radha-Krishna will be staged today.  

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