TPCODL focuses on world-class customer services

6/08/2020 at 8:08 PM

Bhubaneswar, Aug 6: TPCODL has committed to improve and modernize the distribution system across its license area. The focus of the company is to improve reliability and offer excellent customer service.
It inaugurated the Power system control system for real time monitoring & control Network operations across the license area, load forecasting, outage management and coordination with Load Despatch Centre. It has been relentlessly working to improve the existing Network condition.
It has taken up de-vegetation of its Substation and more than 4000 sub stations have been cleaned up there by making the Network safe, accessible for normal maintenance and enhance the aesthetics around the area. It has also been working to convert the Overhead lines in the city to underground. In Bhubaneswar & Cuttack circle the power tripping in July month has reduced by 22% in comparison of June month. All the above efforts will enhance the reliability thereby interruption free supply will be provided to the end customers.

To improve reliability & provide uninterrupted power supply it has appointed business associate who will support the maintenance engineers & existing technical and non-technical staff to carry out the day to day preventive maintenance. The concept of breakdown maintenance has been introduced to ensure that any breakdown is attended immediately. All existing technical & non-technical staff with their rich experience will be provided with all safety tools & tackles and other modern tools to carry out their jobs efficiently.

TPCODL values its employees and the management shall strive to create better carrier growth opportunities, fast track learning & development and exposure to cutting edge technologies. All this with a vision to promote culture of innovation and encourage employees to build a creative ecosystem. Going forward, TPCODL shall build Joint Interactive Forums (JIFs) to develop participative culture leading to creation of safe working conditions, welfare schemes for the employees and a highly engaged and satisfied workforce.

To enhance various customer services & improve ease of digital payment it has introduced many online gateways to process digital payment like TPCODL website, phone pay, Paytm, credit card, debit card, amazon pay, airtel payment bank, google pay, TPCODL mobile app & government of Odisha online payment portal. Any consumer can pay their electricity bills through above online system & for queries regarding online issues consumers can contact toll-free number 1912. Online payment in comparison to last month has increased by 34% (1.28 Lac to 1.72 Lac), as TPCODL has launched the bill pay & win scheme for all digital customers. Customer can make online payment & get chances to win prizes.

TPCODL will soon inaugurate a modern Call Center for the customers to access & share all its queries & complaints round the clock to ensure quick response at all times of inconvenience. A Customer Care Center will also be inaugurated to provide better experience for various customer services, bill payment & other service requests.

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