Tourism Department issues Advisory for Coronavirus; Here are details

14/03/2020 at 12:10 PM

Bhubaneswar, Mar 14: The Tourism Department of the State Government has issued an advisory on ‘COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Outbreak Control and Prevention’

Here are the details:

1. The owner/ management of every hospitality unit letting out accommodation to guests shall collect their detailed travel history of last three weeks, such as – countries visited, places of stay and travel through different modes besides essential details such as personal ID and passport copies, contact number, e-mail ID, etc.

2. Travelers need be informed about repeated hand wash, cough etiquette, personal hygiene (not to touch eyes, mouth and nose) & to avoid crowded places and large gatherings

o Travelers should be instructed to report to the management whenever they experience any symptoms of fever, cough, running nose, difficulties in breathing etc.

o In such an instance he/she may be advised to isolate himself in the room.

o Management should immediately inform the local CDM & PHO and State Health Control room over phone No. 0674-2390466/ 9439994857/ 9439994859 and email:- or, so that patients can be brought to designated isolation facility in specified ambulance with all infection control measures and necessary lab. test may be conducted if required

o Rooms used by such guests should be thoroughly disinfected and the linen completely replaced in accordance with best practices, prior to being let out to others. Such guests may be asked to refrain from using swimming pools, restaurants, gyms and business centres in the hotel/ resorts.

3. A 0.5% – hypochlorite solution (3 tsp bleaching powder in 1 litre water) must be used for disinfecting public areas and common contact points (fomites) at least twice a day.

4. For cleaning of floors, 1% hypochlorite solution should be used. The solution must be used within 24 hours of preparation.

5. Every room and common areas in hotels and accommodation properties should be equipped 24×7 running water and soap.

6. Hand sanitizers and tissue papers and foot operated dustbins may be placed at reception, lobby, conference and circulation areas of each establishment.

7. Drivers/ transport service providers engaged in transportation of symptomatic guests should wear safety masks. Vehicles should be thoroughly sanitized/ disinfected after transporting the symptomatic guests.

8. All staff including kitchen, room service may be sensitized on basic protective measures:

o Wash hands frequently with soap and water

o Avoid large gatherings

o Avoid handshakes

o Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

o Practice respiratory hygiene by covering your mouth and nose with handkerchief/ tissue which should be disposed off properly or with a bend elbow.

o If anyone you know has fever, cough and difficulties in breathing, seek medical advice.

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