12/10/2019 at 3:29 PM

Mughlai Parantha is a popular Bengali street food with its original roots Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is also very popular in Kolkata also. It is basically aflat bread stuffed with minced meat – keema, eggs, onion and other soft vegetables.  

Mughlai paratha was one of those Mughlai recipes that entered in Old Dhaka during the Mughal Empire, which was also the food hub during the Mughal rule. Then a royal menu and later became a popular tiffin snack in Kolkata during the British Raj. 

Ingredients in the preparation of Mughlai Parantha include whole-wheat flour, ghee, and finely chopped onions, chopped green chili pepper and chopped coriander leaves. Chicken or mutton keema is also used in some variants.

The preps.

The search for Mughlai Parantha stopped at Empires Bhubaneswar. This has been curated well by Chef Lalit and Sous Chef Mathura. They have done the best with little bit of tweaking. The dough is prepared with addition of milk, sugar, salt and baking powder and rested for half an hour. The fillings are chicken and mutton: these are minced and cooked with chopped onions, ginger garlic paste along with other powdered aromatic spices.

Mughlai Paranthas

Each flat bread is made from 120 to 150 gms dough and equal amount of fillings. The parantha’s are then foamed in eggs and fried on a girddle / tawa. The Mughlai Paranthas is then served hot with tomato, mint and coriander chutney. One has to have it believe its taste.

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