Teach your Kids on Food and Nutrition during Lockdown.

4/04/2020 at 3:09 PM

The new genre of family – Double Income With Kids. Due to the parents work style, lifestyle the sufferer has been the kids as they have been devoid of nutrition. This is due to the pace of the day to day routine the parents and children have. In the process the kids are not sensitised regarding nutrition and healthy diet. This lockdown period is the best time to educate the kids regarding nutrition and health.

At present eating disorders are quite prevalent among the kids and it is quite serious. One type is Anorexia – lack or loss of appetite for food. The second type is Bulimia – an obsessive desire to lose weight. And at times it is Compulsive Eating. And binge eating is not healthy at all. Children should be educated and taught the discipline and timing of food intake.

As parents the children should be taught about the benefits of meals and not forced for meals or criticised regarding eating habits. Too many rules for consuming food will not educate them regarding the right nutrition which is important for growing bodies and minds through a healthy diet.

Our Daily Bread: Now is the best time to teach the kids to top up their plates with fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, and carbohydrates – rice & wheat. They should be educated on which foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, energy and antioxidants. Also how these foods help in shaping the bodies, healthy bones, muscles & digestions.

Some Daily Breads – Good or Less Nutrition: The children should be given the right information regarding the nutrition content of the food they take. Never label any food ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’. Rather they should be told about the nutrition content for example to communicate that French fries have less nutrients than ‘Aloo Paneer Chokha’. Good foods which make them fussy have to be started in small portions and always have options.

Our daily Bread Portions are important: Educate the children on food portioning; foods should match the size of hands: fist size: cereals, vegetables, proteins, index finger: cheese, thumb tip: mayonnaise or butter, palm: any meat or veg options.

Educate on Food Safety: Now is the best time to teach our children regarding hygiene, – washing hands before and after meals, how to avoid stale or decayed food. Teach them how to be cautious on taking food from outside. The mantra – “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”

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