Stock of liquor shops in Odisha to be verified

2/06/2020 at 5:11 PM

Bhubaneswar, June 2: The Excise Department has asked field officials in districts to verify stock of liquor in OFF and ON shops after the State government imposed special Covid Fee on liquor.

After the imposition of Special Covid Fee, the MRP of liquor has increased substantially in Odisha.

 “With the introduction of policy regarding home delivery by the F.L ‘OFF and F.L ‘ON’ shop licensees, all these licensees have been allowed to sell the remaining stocks of 2019-20 available with them at the time of closure (i.e. after the closure of business hour on 20.3.2020 in case of F.L ‘ON’ shops and on 22 / 24th of March, 2020 in case of F.L ‘OFF shops) at the enhanced MRP of 2020-21. The licensees have been instructed to deposit the differential amount (i.e. MRP of 2020-21- MRP of 2019-20) with OSBC Ltd. OSBC Ltd. will deposit the amount with Government under proper head of account,” read a letter of the Excise Department.

The department has asked excise field officials have to verify the stock in liquor shops before allowing them home delivery.

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