PET beaten severely for misbehaving girl in Nayagarh village

14/02/2019 at 10:07 AM

Bhubaneswar: An incident come to the fore where villagers tied a PET to a tree and beat him severely throughout the night for misbehaving with a student in the village school yesterday.

The ghastly incident has occurred in the Bijipur High School under Fatepur police limits in Nayagarh district. The PET, Bishwanath Muduli, took a Class X girl belonging to Malibereni village to a vacant classroom and molested her there. The Muduli threatened the girl not to reveal his behaviour to others or else he would be violent.

However, the girl narrated everything to her parents when she returned home. Later, the girl’s father told villagers about the PET’s indecent behaviour. Later villagers gather at the village end and stopped Muduli. Then, they tied him to a tree and beat him up severely.

While villagers were yet to lodge any complaint against the teacher, the Fatepur police, knowing about Muduli being beaten by villagers, went to Maliberni and rescued him from the villagers’ hold. The police have started further investigation.

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