Odisha sees traffic from 123 countries on COVID portal, 40k hits per day

2/08/2020 at 2:05 PM

Bhubaneswar, Aug 2: Odisha’s COVID dashboard has become an important resource. The government-run COVID portal has 40,000 site visitors per day, according to a recent study.

As per the study by Stanford University’s research scholar’s, Odsha’s COVID-19 dashboard has an average of 40,000 hits per day from 123 countries, including India, USA, the Netherlands, UAE and UK.

The study by researchers from Stanford University & Tech Industry (USA), Aerosol Industry (Switzerland) on COVID-19 Data Reporting Score (CDRS) across India revealed that Karnataka, Kerala & Odisha lead the nation in quality of COVID-19 reporting.

Average Scores for the three top states were Karnataka (0.61), Kerala (0.52) & Odisha (0.51) across four categories –Availability, Accessibility, Granularity and Privacy.

Odisha is amongst a select few states to have an independent State Dashboard for COVID-19 reporting. Odisha scores high on availing most COVID data, on rich visualisation of data, accuracy in reporting and protection of privacy of citizens while reporting COVID data.

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