Man finds ₹5k cash inside ATM kiosk, shares on Facebook to return money

24/10/2020 at 5:25 PM

Bhubaneswar, Oct 24: When a man found cash Rs 5,000 inside an ATM kiosk, he didn’t take the money and run. He decided to return the money to the person, who had accidentally left the cash.

According to reports, one Kailash Rath had found cash Rs 5,000 inside an SBI ATM kiosk at Unit-IV in the city. He collected the money and decided to return it to the person, who had left it.

However, he did not find anyone near the ATM kiosk. Later, he decided to post about the matter on Facebook, so that, it may help the concerned person to reach him out.

“ I Unit-IV SBI ATM, somebody has left some rupees that has been left in the ATM. So please come with valid Id and take from me,” Rath said on Facebook.

He has also shared his mobile number 9937071109 in the post. He has also urged people to share the post to help the person to get his money back.

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