Occurrence of rain can be predicted from these symptoms or signs

22/11/2019 at 6:44 PM

Weather alert is now-a-days is an important aspect of the disaster management and preparedness. Meteorologists now predict the time and place of the rain or cyclone through application of modern technologies. However, in the olden days in absence of such modern technologies, people used to predict the occurrence of rain or cyclone basing on the circumstantial symptoms or signs. And these predicts were being exact and accurate.

Even now, the prediction of rain or cyclone can be made in inaccessible places, where modern weather alerts are not available, on the basis of circumstantial symptoms or signs. Similarly, rain or cyclone prediction is possible through the study and application of astrology.

Forecast of rain can be possible by studying following circumstantial situations or signs on the basis of “ Jyotisara Ratnabali” written by eminent astrologer Pandit Baikoli Mohapatra….

-If the eggs of ants are seen lying unhurt, then there is likelihood of rain.

– Mating of snakes, snakes climbing trees and cattle moving fast in fear staring at sky are symptoms of possible rain.

-If chamelions climb the tree and gaze at the sky, and cattle stare at the sky, then there is the possibility of rain.

– If the dogs come under the roof of the house and bark with their gaze at the sky, then you will know about the likelihood of rainfall.

 -If there is spark of lightning in the “aishanya” (north east) angle  during day time, then there is likelihood of immediate rain.

– If frogs, snakes, foxes and chataks (pied cuckoo birds), who usually stay in cold places, make loud noise, it will be treated as harbinger of rain.

– If the circle around the Sun turns peacock –blue, rainfall can be predicted within three days.

– If the mountains look blackish, caves are filled with vapour and if the circle around the moon look black or blue, then there is every possibility of rain.

-If the cats rub the ground with their claws, if rusts on the iron etc emanate smell and if the children construct sand dam on the village street, then you expect rain soon.

– Sight of rainbow, clouds-lining, solar disk, lightning, solar or lunar circle during sun rise or sun set, is the indication of rainfall.

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