Nilgiri MLA calls off fast stir after 16 hrs on DM assurance

5/10/2019 at 9:03 AM

Bhubaneswar: Nilgir MLA Sukant Nayak called off his fast agitation after 16 hours after the Balasore district Collector assured him of steps in the faceoff between him and the Nilgir tehsil over demolition of thatched hurts in tehsil premises yesterday.

It may be noted that Nayak sat on a dhrana in front of the office of the Nilgir Additional Tehsildar alleging that Tehsildar misbehave with him when he protested demolition of thatched structures, which were used by Mohariars, early on Friday morning.

After the MLA sat on a dharna for 16 hours, the Collector went to him and assured that he would conduct a probe and take action accordingly.  

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