News7 spl report: Onion being sold at a profit of Rs 30 a kg above wholesale rate

9/01/2020 at 11:05 AM

Bhubaneswar: Even as supply of onion compared to demand has been almost equivalent and the wholesale rate has decreased to Rs 40, the tuber is being sold at Rs 60 or Rs 70 in the retail market across the State, creating a suspicion of as to who is taking the huge amount of profit of Rs 30 a kg.

In a live reporting from different places by the premier TV news channel News7, it was revealed that the wholesale rate of onion a kg at Aiginia is Rs 40 and it is being sold at Rs 60 or Rs 70 in Unit I market in Bhubaneswar, in Baleswar and in Cuttack.

When asked, retailers in Unit I market said they are procuring two categories of onions at Rs 55 and Rs 65 respectively, and selling them at Rs 60 and Rs 70 in that order, keeping a profit of Rs 5 a kg.

If the figures at the wholesale market and retail market are true, then a question has arisen as to who is taking a huge amount of profit in the middle. It becomes evident that the civil supplies department has no control over the retail market for which poor consumers are suffering a lot.

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