National alliance of journalists moves SC against media companies using lockdown for lay offs salary cut

16/04/2020 at 9:49 PM

New Delhi, April 16: Journalists Unions have moved the Supreme Court with a PIL against all media organizations who laid off employees or forced them to take remuneration kickbacks in wake of the nationwide lockdown.

The petition seeks immediate suspension of all termination notices, wage reductions, resignations received pursuant to oral or written requests from the employers, and directions to go on unpaid leave which took place after the announcement of the lockdown.

The petition, jointly filed by the National Alliance of Journalists, the Delhi Union of Journalists and the Brihan Mumbai Union of Journalists, accuses employers in the media sector of taking arbitrary action despite advisories being issued by the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment as well as two appeals from the Prime Minister.

 “Despite the fact that the Government of India has specifically permitted print and electronic media establishments to continue functioning, the appeals made by the Prime Minister of India and advisories issued by the Government of India to not terminate services or reduce wages of employees, several employers/ establishments in the newspaper/ media sector have taken unilateral knee-jerk decisions to terminate services, reduce wages and also send employees on forced indefinite unpaid leave.”

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