Monkey herd trapped in an island; authorities start evacuation of water from the reservoir

21/11/2019 at 1:57 PM

Malkangiri, 21/11: A monkey herd has been trapped in an island to which they had come for search of food.  The forest officials have initiated steps to rescue the marooned monkeys and finally started evacuation of water from the reservoir.

According to reports, hundreds of monkeys have been trapped in an island inside Dudhua reservoir in Kanker district of neighbouring Chhattisgarh state. On being informed, forest officials had initiated efforts to rescue the trapped monkeys. They had attempted to build a temporary bridge to rescue them. But as the effort was not successful, the forest officials have started water discharge from the Dudhua reservoir.

More than a hundred monkeys were staying on a hill near Budhababandha village. But they experience food scarcity during the summer this year. So they moved helter skelter searching for food. Finally, they found adequate food source on a hill, a little away from their habitat. So, the monkeys came to the new location in groups after getting the food source.

But the food stock got exhausted within a few months as the monkeys were in large number. They then tried to return back to their original habitat. But they could not return due to onset of monsoon. The hill was encircled by rain water. The trapped monkeys then suffered from food scarcity. While some of them died out of hunger, many of them got weakened and fell sick as they were without food for last three months.

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