Love birds knotted soon after boy caught in girl’s house in Balasore

Bhubaneswar: An interesting incident has come to the fore where a boy and a girl were knotted nuptially soon after they were caught red-handed in a relationship in the girl’s house in Balasore village late on Thursday night.

The incident has occurred in Gulunia village of the Manipur gram panchayat under Sore police limits in Balasore district.

According to reports, the boy, later identified as Baikuntha Behera, had come to the girl’s house at Gulunia late in the night while family member of the village were absent. Some neighours saw him and soon called for the girl’s mother. Thereafter, they called for Baikuntha’s father Yuddhisthir Behera to reach a decision by which the girl’s future wouldn’t be pushed into dark. Villagers of both the boy and girl and their fathers Yuddhisthir Behera and Surendra Behera decided that the love couple would be put on bondage that very night. Accordingly, everything necessary was arranged and the wedding was done.

According to decision, the wedding would be registered at the Marriage Registry today and a feast would be arranged jointly by both the families two days later.

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