Know the woman lawyer, who fought the Nirbhaya case and finally won her maiden case

8/01/2020 at 5:30 PM

New Delhi, Jan 8: Delhi High Court in Patiala House has delivered the death sentence to four accused in Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case, which will be executed on January 22 morning. However, very few know about the lawyer who had fought the case. The lawyer is a woman and this was her maiden case.

Seema Samruddhi is the proud lawyer, who was responsible for delivering justice to gang rape ad murder victim Nirbhaya.  Seema,a brilliant student, has finished preparations for appearing at the Indian Civil Services examination and is also practising law in the Supreme Court.

Fighting the Nirbhaya case was really a big challenge for Seema. Especially, she had an emotional relations with Nirbhaya’s family and her mother. Seema had prepared well on the legal aspects and angles while fighting the case  and bringing it to a logical conclusion. When the court handed out death sentence to the four accused in Nirbhaya case, Seema and Nirbhaya’s mother were overwhelmed in joy.

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