Know the extra charges for home delivery of liquor in Odisha

23/05/2020 at 3:55 PM

Bhubaneswar, May 23: The Odisha government today fixed delivery charges for home delivery of liquor which will begin in the state from Sunday.

As per information, Excise Commissioner has been authorised to decide on the rates for delivery charges from time to time. The ceiling notified by him at present is Rs 100 for orders upto Rs 1000 and thereafter Rs 25 for every additional Rs 500 order value.

“In no case the delivery charge will exceed Rs. 300. The Aggregators can fix their own rates subject to above ceiling.  Normal timing for Home delivery would be between 7 AM to 6 PM. Orders are expected to be delivered within 6 hours. The retailers and other agencies involved in home delivery have to abide by the legal provisions of maximum quantity of liquor which can be transported in each delivery. They will also have to develop appropriate mechanism to enforce legal age of drinking & other restrictions imposed by law in the state,” reas an official communication.

The delivery persons would be required to carry an I-Card issued by the retailer/agency and an invoice which will also act a pass to facilitate movement. He will deliver the items alongwith the invoice in lieu of the payment. The invoice of the purchase should clearly reflect the name & address of the customer, the description and quantity of the liquor dispatched with MRP, the time & date of dispatch of the liquor, the price if paid or to be paid, delivery charges, and the bank charges, wherever applicable, separately.

The delivery boys will have to follow all the social distancing norms like wearing masks, maintaining 6 feet distance and using sanitiser frequently. No person having any symptom or is unwell should be engaged for home delivery. Digital payment is advisable which will facilitate contactless transaction and ensure social distancing.

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