Jharsuguda police destroys 12 quintals Mahua Pocha

16/04/2020 at 10:51 PM

Jharsugda, April 16: The Jharsuguda police department on Thursday conducted several raids at Sukhadihi Jungle and Babudera Jungle in Mohanpur and destroyed about 12 quintals of Mahua Pocha.

Acting on a reliable sources, the police conducted raids at the jungles and destroyed the 12 quintals of mahua pocha, which were kept illicit distilled (id) liquor.  

“Conducted excise raid at Mohanpur, Sukhadihi Jungle, Babudera Jungle and destroyed about 12 quintals of Mahua Pocha, which are kept for preparation of ID Liquor,” the Jharsuguda SP said in a Twitter post.

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