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Some times, we are looking for a place to have “me” time or having some quality time with our friends. If you are such a person, then the answer is Bocca Cafe. That’s where your quest ends. A cosy, casual cafe with ambient music, food and your friends- sums up your favourite weekend plan. This themed cafe is a sure-shot resident in Bhubaneswar’s youth’s heart. BOCCA stands for Books, Office, Cafe, Culture and Art!

The minimal interiors, casual furniture present you with happy and positive vibes to refresh you. Bocca Cafe is that corner in the city’s heart where you go to take a break from your office’s cubicle.

Bocca Cafe houses a library for all those book readers who are looking for nothing more than a cup of coffee and a book to spend their ideal evening. If you are looking for a hip environment to work at, Bocca Cafe has got you covered there as well. The co-working space is all about you, your work and some delicious menu options!

With so many things in their kitty, Bocca Cafe surely is keeping up with the latest trends. They organize various book reading, poetry recital and stand-up evenings in the cafe. No wonder, why its a crowd favourite. When we asked about what else Bocca Cafe has for its visitors, Mrs Suchismita mentioned that they conduct art exhibitions and has a gallery where they exhibit pieces made by various artists for a month period respectively.

Focusing on the old cafe vibes, Bocca Cafe offers more than just good food and great coffee! Coming to the food, we tried some of the people’s favourite in bocca.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Nothing can go wrong with a classic grilled chicken sandwich. And they serve it diner style! With lettuce, tomatoes and a generous layer of pesto and mayo, the grilled chicken pieces are sandwiched in between slices of french bread. The chicken is marinated with classic spices and herbs to give it a much juicy and succulent taste and then grilled to perfection. This sandwich is served on the sides of diner-style french fries and good ol’ ketchup.

Chicken Meatballs

Chicken, cheese and together- deep fried, what more can you ask for? Ground chicken loaded with flavours garlic and herbs with a cheese centre and then deep-fried to perfection. When you cut into the meatballs, you can hear the crunch of the crispy panko-coated crust. With a soft, gooey, cheesy centre, these meatballs come in the side fries, again! You can never have enough fries with your food. Paired with a strong garlic-mayo, this dip elevates the richness of meatballs.

Blueberry Cheesecake

No meal is ever complete without desserts. And after trying so many crowd favourites, how can we skip a crowd favourite dessert? When you take the first bite of this cheesecake, you’ll know

why it’s a crowd favourite. With a blueberry as a topping and a generous layer of blueberry compote, this cheesecake is baked to perfection. With a biscuit-y, soft crust and a creamy layer of whipped cream cheese make up the ideal dessert. The balance of tartness of blueberry and the sweetness of cream cheese is perfectly balanced summing it up to a happy dessert.

What will we have when we visit Bocca Cafe again? It has to be their blueberry cheesecake.

By Satya Mohapatra, with Inputs from Apurba and Photographs by Tveshaj.

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