Husband wants to get rid of wife after knowing her “extra-marital affair”; moves with proof in hand

30/12/2019 at 1:42 PM

Kendrapara, 30/12: A man, who is staying in Nigeria alone, is now bothered about the extra-marital affair of his wife. He wants to divorce her and is moving with the proof about his wife’s extra-marital affair. He is seen running to police to get its assistance for breaking away from his wife.

The man, a resident of Athgarh, had married to a woman of Chandol a few years ago. He is highly educated and is working in Nigeria while is staying in Odisha. The husband comes home every here and stays for a few days. Then he goes back to Nigeria. The couple has a son.

However, the wife has allegedly extra-marital affair with another man when the husband is abroad. On getting such information, the husband was in wait for the proof. He collected the audio, video and objectionable photograph of the illicit relation between his wife and her paramour. Now armed with these evidences, he is planning to break away from his wife.

Reliable sources said he was taking advice in various fora to get legally separated. Even, he has secretly discussed the matter with the police. However, he has not lodged a formal complaint with the police yet.

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