How did fraud Sarathi turn into a Godly man? Who had made him the divine figure ? Listen from senior IPS officer Arun Bothra….

2/12/2019 at 12:39 PM

Bhubaneswar, 2/12: Who had turned fraud Sarathi into a Godly figure ? How did he makea concrete cow give milk ? Senior IPS officer Arun Bothra, who had arrested Sarathi aka Santosh Raul, has brought to fore some interesting stories.

Bothra has unearthed the mystery in his tweeter handle on the basis of the statement of Sarathi himself.

Sarathi, a self-styled Godman, was in the news after his arrest in 2015 on the charges of duping gullible people exploiting their religious belief. He was lodged in Choudwar Circle Jail for more than three years and released on bail recently.

Bothra said that Sarathi had known that he was not God. It’s the people who had publicized him of having Godly powers. And he did not to lose the false charm of being God. That’s why he did not deny in public that he did not possess any divine power. Even he was himself surprised when he heard from the people that he could take out milk from the concrete cow.

“When we started to arrest Sarathi, one of my subordinate staff cautioned us to be careful. Sarathi could turn me into ashes by his divine power, he warned. I knew that such things are fake. Still. I thought to ask him about his extra-ordinary power”, tweeted Bothra.

Bothra said he has asked aforementioned questions to Sarathi while arresting him. The question and the replies he had mentioned in the tweet.

After Bothra made these disclosures public, a few tweeter users have asked the senior cop as to whether police had adopted third degree method to extract these things from Sarathi. “ No third degree treatment was meted out to Sarathi”, replied Bothra.

More over, he was asked as to how could he make the statement of an accused public. “ What I tweeted is not part of the chargesheet”, said the senior cop.

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