Hirakud Dam releases floodwater after puja

Bhubaneswar: The season’s first floodwater from the Hirakud dam was released by opening Sluice Gate No. 7 after a traditional puja today.

According to reports, a puja was conducted at the Sluice Gate No. 7 before opening of the gate. The Gate No 7 was opened first on an experimental basis. The people have already been warned not to go to the riverbed or leave cattle to graze on the river bank.

It is a tradition that Gate No 7 is opened first to release floodwater from the Hirakud Dam every year.

The water was released after the water level of the dam crossed 618-foot mark while the maximum level of the dam is 630- ft. Last year, floodwater had been released first from the dam on July 24.

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