Here’s how artists are spending time during lockdown

2/04/2020 at 4:39 PM

—Listen to some amateur artists

Sumeet Sharma

From meditation to social media, people from all walks of life are searching for ideas to spend their time during the coronavirus lockdown.

Artists, who were not getting much time to shape their creativity, now have much time to explore staying at home.

Apart from the experienced hands, newcomers are also shaping their imagination with perfect expression of their core feelings staying at home without any disturbance.

Sketching and painting are considered intellectual ways to pass time and it is needless to say that the benefits are plenty.

Here are some persons from different sections of life who are very passionate to spend their leisure time in creativity.

Deepak Biswal, Businessman

The young artist from silver city Cuttack is trying his hand in an all new form of art. ‘Plastic Art’ titled- Mahatma Gandhi with recycled plastic on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi using Dryer, Art Board used Plastic and polythene.

Suryasnata Priyadarshini Pradhan, Banker (PO at ICICI Bank)

Suryasnata, a banker by profession who finds it hard to hide her love for art says “Normally we don’t get time to channelize our hidden talent. As I am a banker lockdown is not complete lockdown for me. I thought of exploring my passion what I usually do during my extra time.

Bharati Mohanty, Lawyer

It’s for the first time I have enough time to try my hand for the best as I always like to spend time with some creative arts. During the lockdown, I enjoyed working with my passion for some creative arts. And I thought nothing would be better at this time than an art with coronavirus awareness.

Thakur Sangram Singh, Lawyer

I am spending the lockdown period by once again living my dream by sketching a painting my inner thoughts.

It’s the best way to vent out your suppressed emotion with something creative. And I am enjoying the boredom with making best out of the worst. Stay Home Stay safe.

Subhojit Panda, TV Anchor/Journalist

The lockdown period has just reminded me of my childhood days when I used to draw for hours during my leisure time. Art is the best medium to express your ideas or feelings. So, this is the best time to draw, sketch or paint.

Shibani Parija, Classical Dancer/Doodle artist

I found my passion for art when I was just 3 and during the lockdown period I have engaged myself in doing a lot of art work and I am loving it. “It’s best time to be creative! So meditate and doodle”.

Amar Prasad Digal, Student of Ravenshaw University

During normal days we don’t have much time for painting but the lockdown period has given me much to do so to dig out my creativity. “Loneliness makes the creative people more creative”.

Hitesh Seth, Businessman

I am scribbled every time anywhere for art. During the lockdown the art within has come out with a new twist just by “Taking some colours or pens and getting fingers flow and colours glow”.

Sukirti Kar, Lecturer in FM Autonomous College, Baleswar 

Everyone has some creativity but the problem is people don’t get time to explore it. The lockdown period, the best time to come out with their creativity and getting pleasure of it, has enabled me to introspect within myself and persue my passions like ‘Art’.

Himanshi Sharma, Student of Sri Sri University

On positive note of the lockdown, I am getting time and space for brainstorming and generating creative ideas. The thing I learned during it is “To get out of your comfort zone” and aims to be productive and to explore my art as much as I can.

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