Odisha Govt urges people not to visit Kar Clinic in BBSR basing on contact history of 3rd COVID-19 patient

26/03/2020 at 11:28 PM

Coronavirus Update

Bhubaneswar, Mar 26: The state government has urged people not to visit the Kar Clinic in Bhubaneswar for outpatient and inpatient care basing on the contact history of the third positive case in the state.

The third COVID-19 positive case in the State is a 60 years old male. This makes the number of positive cases three and all are from Bhubaneswar.

“In spite of repeated advisory, some private health care facilities are not complying with the COVID 19 Regulations. Government urges them to act responsibly and follow the Regulations while treating patients with flu like symptoms. Non compliance shall be viewed seriously,” tweeted the Health and Family Welfare Department.

Officials in the health department said that the man reached Bhubaneswar on March 10 from Delhi and got admitted to Kar Clinic on March 24. The official further said that he was in ICU for a day before paying a visit to the OPD of the clinic on March 21.

” We have asked the management of Kar Clinic to take all possible measures to isolate the doctors, nurses and all who had attended the patient and come in his contact,” said the official.

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