Finally, contentious CAA comes into effect

11/01/2020 at 11:32 AM

New Delhi, Jan 11: Finally, the contentious Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) has come into effect across the country with the issuance of gazette notification yesterday. The Central government has clarified that citizenship of not a single Indian will be affected by the CAA.

Protest agitations are being held across the country against the CAA. Even, violence has erupted at several places opposing the CAA. Several petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court challenging the amended law.

However, the Central government has made the amended law effective describing it as a big step forward in the country’s interest.

Earlier, the Central government had tabled the Citizens Amendment Bill in the Parliament, amending the provisions of the Citizens Act, 1955. It was made an Act following the Presidential assent to the Bill passed by both the houses of The Parliament.

As per the amended law, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian and  Parsee refugees coming to India after being subjected to religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will get the status of Indian citizen.

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