Feeding man’s best friend: Two cops feed stray dogs during lockdown

19/04/2020 at 8:30 PM

Sambalpur, April 19: Two police personnel deployed to enforce the lockdown turn saviour for street dogs even during coronavirus pandemic and resultant lockdown as they were seen feeding street dogs at Sambalpur Jail Chowk on Sunday evening.

Santosini Mirdha, a traffic constable and Manas Pradhan, a vigilance constable are deployed at Jail Chowk to enforce the lockdown in the area. The district administration has given water, biscuits and other food items to the on duty police personnel.

However, the duo has fed biscuits which they have been given, to the street dogs roaming on the road in the evening.

While asked about their act of kindness, the duo said, “We will have our meals at home after our duty is over, but these animals cannot speak, how they would approach people if they feel hungry.”

They have also appealed people to give foods to street dogs.

Worth mentioning, On March 31, the Odisha government had sanctioned Rs 54 lakh to feed stray animals in various cities and towns across the state as they are struggling to find food during the ongoing nationwide lockdow.

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