Endeavour to build Jagannatha temple in UK

24/07/2020 at 5:14 PM

England, July 24: There are over eight lakh Hindus in the United Kingdom, out of which a large proportion of Hindus are followers and devotees of Shree Jagannatha, spread across different communities. The world famous Rath Yatra festival is religiously celebrated across different locations in the United Kingdom, without a dedicated Shree Jagannatha Temple. 

The devotees of Lord Jagannatha are with a vision to build a first of its kind Jagannatha Temple in the United Kingdom.

The proposed temple will be a centre to spread the rich culture and heritage from our roots in India to future generations here in United Kingdom.

Shree Jagannatha temple organisation, a non-profit institution, has drawn interest from people of all walks of life who have joined hands to make this a grand success, said Ajit K Nanda an office bearer of the organisation.

Nanda has urged devotees to stay connected with their social media page or email mentioned below.

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