Dhanu Yatra nearing end: King Kansa eager to kill Krishna by hook or crook

9/01/2020 at 6:19 PM

Bargarh, Jan 9: The world famous Dhanu Yatra here is nearing end, with  Demon king Kansa being maddened to kill his professed killer Krishna by hook or crook as all his plans eliminate him have failed. He is waiting anxiously for the arrival of Krishna at his royal court, where he has planned to kill him.

Krishna and his elder brother Balram were accorded warm welcome by the people as they entered the Mathura Nagari of king Kansa along with his minister Akrura, who had gone to invite them.

While the people of Mathura are excited to welcome Krishna-Balram, their counterparts in Gopapur were sad enough to bid them farewell. The scenes of Krishna departing Gopapur were quite heart rendering.

King Nanda of Gopapur had an arduous job to console his queen Yashoda, who was completely unwilling to part with his dear son Krishna. On the other hand, Kansa’s minister Akrura was anxious enough to reach Mathura as quickly as possible with Krishna-Balram.

The two dear lads were accorded tearful adieu at king Nanda’s palace, while they were bade farewell while they were passing through door to door. The Gopi lasses in tears intercepted Krishna and insisted to go with him to Mathura. Krishna had to persuade them with much difficulty not to go with him, as he promised to return very soon.

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