Dhanu Yatra Day IV: Gopapur rejoices Srikrishna’s birth on Friday

3/01/2020 at 2:00 PM

Bargarh, 3/1: Today is the fourth day of Dhanu Yatra being observed in the town, which has turned into world’s biggest open air stage. Yesterday, the Gopapur, kingdom of King Nanda rejoiced the birth of Lord Srikrishna.

Queen Yashoda has given birth to a baby boy and the King Nanda has ordered to make the celebration in a grand way. The subjects of Nanda’s kingdom are busy dancing and playing the swings to celebrate the occasion. They brought the baby Srikrishna in a procession.

On the third day of  Dhanu Yatra, Bargarh SP Padmini Sahu inaugurated the royal court of King Nanda. On the other hand, King Kansa reached the prison of Mathura Nagari on hearing the news of his sister Devaki giving birth to a boy, who will professedly kill him. Kansa snatched the new-born child from Devaki’s lap and tried to kill the child by throwing on the stone. However, the child escaped and flew away saying that Kansa’s killer is growing in Gopapur.

Today on the fourth day of Dhanu Yatra, scenes will be performed depicting childhood of Srikrishna, killing of Putana and other demons sent by Kansa in the hands of Srikrishna and his elder brother Sribalaram.

On the other hand, Kansa will rejoice conquest of kingdoms and will indulge in dance and merrymaking  hoping that he will ultimately kill his killer growing in Gopapur kingdom.

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